Louisiana has joined the growing number of states in the US that have legalized online gambling. This means that there are many sportsbooks available for players within the state. However, not all of these sportsbooks offer the same gaming experience, which can make it hard to know where to play.

One of the best ways of choosing an online betting site in LA is by looking at the bonuses offered. Risk-free bets in Louisiana are a great way to start out betting online as they give you a second chance. We’re going to have a look at how these bets work and why you should use them.

How do risk-free bets in Louisiana work?

A risk-free bet is usually awarded after you place a real money wager. Once you have placed the bet, and it loses, the sportsbook returns the original amount you wagered. This means that you have a second chance as you can then use the returned funds to place a new bet. If the initial bet wins, then you don’t get any additional reward, you can simply claim your winnings in the usual way.

As such, risk-free bets at sportsbooks in  Louisiana are a great way to get started when trying out a new betting site. However, you do need to consider the terms and conditions that are always attached to this type of bet. For instance, not all bet types are eligible for a risk-free bet. You may find restrictions on what you can do. For instance, you might be unable to place bets when the odds are greater than -200. These offers tend to have caps on the maximum size of the bet too, as well as a win cap which can reduce the fun of such bets.

Because of all this, it’s very important that you read the terms and conditions very carefully before accepting this risk-free option. If you don’t meet the terms and conditions, you may find that your bet is considered void, and you won’t be able to claim any winnings.

Claim a risk-free bet in LA step-by-step

Now it’s time to claim your risk-free bets in Louisiana. To get started, just follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be up and running in no time:

  1. Check out our list of risk-free bets. We have carefully looked at all the different sportsbooks in LA and what they offer. Each of the sportsbooks listed here offers the best services including top risk-free bet offers. We take a look at the size of the bet they offer as well as the terms and conditions in place. All this is to make sure that they are fair and achievable. Additionally, we look at the sportsbook as a whole, ensuring it’s licensed, offers a range of different sports, competitive odds, and much more.
  2. Go to the Louisiana sportsbook website or betting app. Once you have chosen your LA sports betting site and risk-free bet bonus, you need to sign up with the site. To do so, head to the betting app or desktop site to sign up. The top sportsbooks in the state will allow you to sign up via any platform quickly and efficiently. And, once you’ve signed up, you’ll also be able to play across all their platforms.
  3. Sign up for an account. Click on the register button and then fill out the registration form provided. You will need to provide your name, address, email, SSN, DOB, and so on for the account to get accepted. In some cases, you may also need to verify your account and this will require an ID as well as a proof of address document. Once you have confirmed your account, it can now go live. You will then need to head to the banking section to make a deposit with your preferred payment option.
  4. Start playing with your risk-free bet. With a deposit in your account, you’re now able to place your first bet. Make sure you have checked the method used to claim your risk-free bet. Some sites simply need you to make a qualifying bet and the risk-free bet is automatically applied. Others will require a promo code when you make your deposit, or that you check the opt-in box. Once the risk-free bet is added to your account, simply find a bet you like, place it, and hope that you win!

Pros of risk-free bets at LA sportsbooks

When it comes to risk-free bets in Louisiana, there are a lot of positives that come along with using one. Here are some of the main benefits when you using this type of bet:

  • Not truly risk-free: You do have to use your own money in order to claim the bet. This means that it’s not actually risk-free. If you win on your first bet, that’s great. But, if you lose, and then you lose again on your second bet, there’s nothing you can do. The sportsbook only refunds the bet on the first loss. So, in the long run, you could end up losing money anyway.
  • No reward if you win your initial bet: If you do win right away, then you’ve gained nothing additional to what you would have gained on a normal bet. This is a little disappointing for many and makes this type of offer somewhat less appealing if it is compared to other bonus options.
  • Wagering requirements attached: As with all bonuses, there are wagering requirements attached. So, even if you do get a win on the first or second bet, you will have to meet these playthrough requirements before you can request a withdrawal. This is especially tiresome when you win on the first bet. Because, if you were to place a normal bet and win without it being part of a bonus, there would be no wagering requirements to meet.


Should I claim a risk-free bet in LA?

Yes, you should claim risk-free bets in Louisiana as they are a great way of boosting your online gaming experience. By taking on a risk-free bet, you give yourself a second chance when paying online.

Do risk-free bets in Louisiana come with wagering requirements?

Yes, risk-free bets in Louisiana do come with wagering requirements. These requirements will include playthrough requirements, a timeframe for you to use the bet, a limit on the size of the bet, and how much you can win. It's important to check all the terms and conditions carefully, as you won't be able to make a withdrawal of your winnings if you don't meet these requirements.

Can I get a risk-free bet on all betting sites in LA?

No, not all LA betting apps and betting sites offer risk-free bets. Many do, but you will need to check out what each betting site offers. To help you, we have a list of the best risk-free bets in Louisiana right here so that you can choose the best place to play quickly and easily.