The Creole State is home to over 4.6 million people whose love for sports is indisputable. Here, many sports teams thrive here, like the New Orleans Saints playing in the NFL and New Orleans Pelicans representing them in the NBA. Betting on such sports is also a popular pastime activity. In fact, in 2018, 55 out of 64 parishes agreed to the establishment of sports betting through voting.

Thereafter, both online and retail sports betting were legalized after Governor John Bel Edwards signed the sports betting act SB 247 into law in June 2021. And FanDuel became one of the first sportsbooks to launch here after going live on Jan. 28, 2022. So, what does this industry’s leading bookie offer Louisiana bettors? Fanduel is arguably the leading sportsbook countrywide, offering the best bonuses, stellar market coverage, a user-friendly interface, and a clean mobile app. Read through this article as we uncover more about FanDuel sportsbook Louisiana.

Yes, it is. FanDuel sportsbook Louisiana has an operating license from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. And being one of the most trusted bookies across the country, it is very safe to bet on sports online or in any of FanDuel’s five retail sportsbooks in LA.

FanDuel Sportsbook Louisiana registration

Getting started with FanDuel is a simple process. Players only need to provide their account details and personal identification info and then confirm their location.

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps from signing up to placing your first bet.

  1. Download the FanDuel LA app or go to the FanDuel website. It is advisable that mobile users download the FanDuel sportsbook app available for both Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, desktop users can access the bookie via any browser and enjoy everything offered by the mobile app.
  2. Provide your personal information on the sign-up form. To do this, click the Join Now button on the top-right side of the bookie’s home page. Next, choose Louisiana from the list of states that the sportsbook operates in. Enter your email, choose a username, and create a password. You can also enter a promo code if you have one and click the Create Account option. Next, type in your title, full name, date of birth, phone number, and the last four SSN numbers. As an option, improve your account security by enabling the two-factor authentication feature. The last step, confirm your identity by uploading your identification document and submitting the application request.
  3. Choose the payment method that works best for you. Once you get a confirmation email, log in to your account and click on the Deposit button. Next, choose a payment option, provide the details of the payment on the gateway site, and enter the amount.
  4. Confirm the deposit. Most payment methods allow you to confirm your deposits by entering a temporary pin as a transaction authenticator.
  5. Place your bets. Choose an event on the bookie’s home page or in the A-Z section. Then choose a bet type, enter the bet amount, and confirm the bet.

Common sports leagues to bet on at FanDuel LA

FanDuel allows you to bet virtually on any sport you can think of. Its retail facilities have many wall screens showing almost every live game, and bettors can bet and watch the events unfold. Besides, it offers a live-streaming feature with an extensive selection of live sports you can watch and bet on. These include the state’s favorite sports; football, soccer, rugby, and basketball. Beyond these, players can also place in a myriad of sports leagues and championships across the world.

Below are descriptions of LA’s favorite sports markets on the FanDuel sportsbook.

  • NFL (Football): This is the most popular league in the United States, with a massive following of 37% of the entire population. Betting on it is also the people’s favorite pastime activity and about 46.6 million people place wagers yearly on NFL. On FanDuel, NFL odds do not stop on Moneyline, totals, and point spread. Louisiana’s bettors can place a variety of bets, including player and team props, futures (NFL postseason), first-half, and second-half bets. Besides, New Orleans Saints with a good record offer some good betting odds whenever they have an event.
  • Basketball (MLB). As a superstar-driven league, the NBA is an 82-game season with so much action every night. It is one sport often seen through the lens of betting, especially player props, because fans give a lot of attention to player performance. Also, basketball is a high-score type of sport and FanDuel offers a variety of spread and total bets. The New Orleans Pelicans which once produced the Rookie of the Year is the state’s NFL you can root for.
  • Rugby (MLR): Although it was set up recently (2018), the Major Rugby League is now gaining momentum in U.S. and Canada. In Louisiana, the New Orleans Gold is gaining traction. On FanDuel’s Rugby button of the A-Z sports section, players will always get the NOLA Gold markets alongside those of other rugby leagues and championships. The common MLR bet types include Moneyline, live, futures, and spread bets.

Can you bet on Daily Fantasy Sports at FanDuel Louisiana?

DFS is a sped-up variant of traditional fantasy sports whereby players create imaginary teams of real-life sports athletes and score points based on their performance in actual games. They then compete with other players in contests, in which winners get a variety of rewards. FanDuel first launched in the country as a DFS in 2008 and expanded to be the largest DFS gaming operator. Indeed, it’s for its DFS provision that FanDuel sportsbook got countrywide attention.

In Louisiana, 47 out of 64 parishes approved DFS in Nov. 2018, paving way for its inclusion in the sports betting bill. Consequently, DFS was legalized under the SB 247 bill on July 2021 and DraftKings became the first DFS provider to go live that month. FanDuel DFS then launched on October 22, 2021, after getting approval from the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. The FanDuel DFS offers contests across the entire collection of sports where users can win huge amounts of real money. In fact, it has recorded over $4 billion in total payouts, meaning, it truly is the people’s favorite. It stands out as one of the DFSs that provides a slick, easy-to-use, and fun interface. Besides, it remains the only DFS site offering email, live chat, and phone numbers as highly responsive support contacts.

Most common bonuses at FanDuel Louisiana

Good sportsbook bonuses add excitement to new and regular players’ betting experiences. And to maintain its status as the leading sportsbook, FanDuel offers above-standard bonuses to its players as welcome offers and as recurring promotions.

Below are common bonuses for FanDuel sportsbook’s Louisiana players.

  • Sign-up bonus: As the name suggests, this is the bonus you can get upon your sign-up for FanDuel sportsbook account in Louisiana. So, you can register an account today and claim any outgoing offer for newcomers.
  • No deposit bonus: As one of the rarest bonuses, no deposit bonus means the amounts as free bets you get just after signing up for an account with a bookie. FanDuel mostly offers free bets worth huge amounts to people who join their online casino in Louisiana.
  • Odds boost: With the bonus, a bookie deliberately increases your betting odds with no extra cost or risk, leading to an increase in potential wins. On FanDuel sportsbooks, players often get enhanced odds on two or three linked games or props. So, bettors have to place the bets as parlays to be eligible for the bonus.
  • Risk-free bet: Acting as betting insurance, the risk-free bet is a bonus in which the bookie refunds your stake to a certain percentage when you lose. It mostly comes as a welcome offer on FanDuel and there’s a cap on the sports you can bet on to be eligible.
  • Referral bonus: This is a bonus you get by inviting your friends to wager on online gambling sites in LA. Once your friends sign-up and make a deposit, you will receive an invitation link via email which will contain a referral bonus.

Available bet types on FanDuel LA

Sports are full of different actions from the start to the end. Luckily, FanDuel does a perfect job by offering almost everything for betting on every sport in the state. Whether you’d like to place on the traditional Moneyline bets or the complex spread, middle, and prop bets, you’ll always find an exhaustive list to choose from. Let’s have a closer look at what some common bet types on FanDuel mean.

  • Moneyline bets: This is a straightforward bet whereby bettors only have to predict the match winner. Score or point difference does not matter, and it is available for every sport on FanDuel. Many sports have two outcomes (team A or B winning) while others have a third option; Draw. With such sports, players have three choices, which often means an increase in betting odds. For example, in soccer, football, ice hockey, and basketball where Draw is one of the eventual results.
  • Top scorer bets: As the term describes, this is a wager on a league or championship athlete you think will score the most goals, points, or runs by the end of the season or tournament. It is popular with NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, and NHL. Notably, it offers very competitive odds because it is a prop bet involving many participants and runs for an entire season of the competition.
  • Middle bets: This is a betting strategy with which a player bets on both sides of the same bet at distinct lines in an attempt to win both and ensure that at least one of them wins. Here, the bettor is trying to exploit changes in betting lines that occur mostly if you place a bet early enough before the event starts. For example, you may place a total bet a week before the match day, then as the game nears, the lines may have changed. If this change means you can place an opposite bet on the same line and make a profit that will cover losses that may arise if you lose your previous bet, that’s a middle bet opportunity.
  • Prop bets: Short-form of proposition bets, prop bets are bets on things that do not relate to the event’s final results. Sports are full of actions that are not tied to the final score. For instance, the number of runs or scores a player will make, interceptions, touchdowns, receiving yards, and rushing yards, among others. FanDuel offers most of these prop bets for betting with competitive odds.


Can I bet on college sports at FanDuel LA?

Yes, betting on college sports is legal in Louisiana. The LA sports betting bill that Governor John Bel Edwards signed into law in 2021 also included betting on college sports. And FanDuel, which operates under LGCB, has legal rights to offer college sports for betting. The Ragin' Cajuns, Wildcats, Tigers, and Tulane Green Wave are some top college teams to root for.

Is FanDuel Louisiana safe to play at?

Yes, FanDuel firmly adheres to the Louisiana Gaming Control Board's set laws and has an operating license. Besides, it's a bookie with a countrywide reputation for offering the best betting services in the most secure manner. Thus, your betting safety is a guarantee on FanDuel, unlike offshore betting firms claiming to accept bets from the state's bettors.

What is the minimum age to place a bet at FanDuel LA?

Anyone who wishes to bet on sports in Louisiana must be 21 years old. As a law-abiding operator, FanDuel requires you to attain the minimum age to bet on its site or any of its retail locations. Failure to adhere to this leads to heavy penalties for any bookie.