Without a doubt, Neteller is one of the best online payment options and is accepted by many betting sites across multiple states in the US. As a result, you can locate it at practically any online bookmaker. Numerous shops all over the world accept it. Allowing you to swiftly complete your payments online.

In this guide, we’ll examine what makes Neteller so well-liked by users and give you in-depth details on every important feature of the service. We will also look at how you can make your first deposit on Neteller betting sites in Louisiana. Furthermore, we will also look at other payment methods that you can use in case you don’t find Neteller appealing to you.

About Neteller and sports betting

This e-wallet was founded back in 1999 in Canada and has since grown into a larger brand, thanks to the excellent service that the company provides to its customers. Currently, Neteller is owned by the Paysafe Group. Neteller is like a bank account. Once you open an account with Neteller, you can add funds to it through various methods. This includes cards, bank accounts, bitcoin, and more. The Neteller account, once loaded with funds, can then be used to add money to other accounts, such as your betting account.

The most attractive features of Neteller are the ability to keep your money in the account as well as the ability to make instant payments. They handle all transfers via the Neteller infrastructure, allowing for immediate processing. When you transfer money using Neteller, it will show up in your sportsbook balance right away, allowing you to start betting immediately. Additionally, Neteller also accepts a number of other currencies, including the USD, CAD, EUR, and GBP.

Neteller deposits at Louisiana sportsbooks

Using Neteller to deposit funds to your account at LA online gambling sites is very easy. The first step that you will need to take is to open a Neteller account and add funds to it. Here are the steps in detail.

1. Create a Neteller account

Opening a Neteller account is easy. The whole process takes less than five minutes. To begin with, head over to the Neteller website (or download the app) and press the signup button. You will need to provide some information, such as your name, date of birth, phone number, and home address. As soon as you completed this process, your account will become active, allowing you to start adding funds to your Neteller account.

2. Put money in your Neteller account

After completing the sign-up process and they have activated your account, you will be able to deposit money into your Neteller account. You can do this in various ways, as we have already stated. However, the most common method of depositing funds into a Neteller account is with a credit or debit card.

3. Register at a Neteller-accepting betting site in LA

Once your Neteller account is up and running, sign up with an online betting site that accepts Neteller. The whole process can be completed within a few minutes, as betting sites tend to ask for similar information when signing up. This will include your name, email, and phone number. The betting site might ask you to submit either your ID, passport, or driver’s license.

4. From the deposit section, select Neteller as a payment method.

After completing the registration, go to the cashier section and select Neteller as your preferred payment method.

5. As directed, follow the steps

You will need to follow the instructions to complete the process. This will include entering your Neteller login details and the amount that you wish to deposit.

6. Start betting

Once you confirm your deposit, the amount will reflect on your betting account immediately, enabling you to start betting right away.

Using Neteller to withdraw money from Louisiana sportsbooks

Neteller can also be used to withdraw winnings from a betting site. To make a withdrawal using Neteller, follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the cashier section of the LA sportsbook

When your betting session is done, and they have settled your bets, go back to the Cashier page and select the Neteller option to withdraw your winnings.

2. Make a withdrawal using Neteller

Once more, you’ll need to enter your Neteller login credentials, and the amount you want to withdraw.

3. Follow the instructions to confirm the transaction

You will need to follow the instructions to complete the transaction. In most cases, betting sites will ask you to submit proof of identity in the form of a state-issued document. Once they have verified your identity, the online betting site will approve your withdrawal request and your money will be sent out to your Neteller account.

4. Using your Neteller Mastercard, you can withdraw money from an ATM or transfer it to your bank account

Once the money is in your Neteller account, you can choose whether to keep the money there or withdraw the money to your bank. Also, you can also use the Neteller MasterCard to withdraw money from the nearest ATM.

Reasons to use Neteller on LA betting sites

Many bettors have different reasons why they choose to use Neteller as their preferred payment method. Below, we have provided some reasons why you should make Neteller your ideal payment method on betting sites in Louisiana.

  • Safe payment method
  • Easy to use
  • Instant deposits
  • Quick withdrawals

Disadvantages of Neteller on sportsbooks in Louisiana

Just like any other payment method, there are always one or two things that don’t work in your favor. Here are some disadvantages that might make you want to change your mind when it comes to using it on betting sites.

  • Transaction fees
  • Verifying your Neteller account can take some time

There are other popular payment methods that provide the same level of security as Neteller. You can use these methods not only to deposit but also to withdraw funds from LA sports betting sites.

  • Skrill: This is one of the greatest payment options at sports betting sites in the world. Since Skrill is simple to use, LA sportsbooks that want to serve as many players as possible offer it as a payment option. Skrill also has an app to help its users execute transactions while on the go.
  • Discover Card: The Discover Card brand is one of the most trusted in the United States. This is no surprise considering that it is the fourth most popular, only behind American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You can use Discover Card to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting site.
  • Play+: This payment method, for optimal convenience and speed, combines components of prepaid debit cards and e-wallets. Bettors can obtain a Play+ card, which they can then load money onto electronically to make same-day deposits at authorized betting sites. Additionally, bettors can also use the Play+ card to make ATM withdrawals.
  • Venmo: Bettors prefer this payment method because of its transaction speed and simplicity, but bettors also praise Venmo for its affordable costs. There are no fees associated with transferring funds from your Venmo account to your betting account. Additionally, you won’t pay a dime for any of your withdrawals.


Can I use Neteller on all betting sites in Louisiana?

No, you cannot use Neteller on all betting sites in Louisiana. However, most of the betting sites that are currently operating in the state do accept it as a payment method. The good thing about this is that most of these betting sites are the most highly rated in the industry. This means that you can sign up with them without any worries.

How long does a withdrawal take with Neteller on a LA sportsbook?

Using Neteller to withdraw money from your betting account is quick. Most of the time, it will take less than 24 hours, and perhaps just a few hours, for the money to show up in your Neteller account. However, it takes a while for the money to transfer from Neteller to your bank account. Normally, this process takes three business days. The time it takes for the money to show up in your bank account after they have processed your withdrawal is 2 to 6 hours.

Is it safe to use Neteller at LA betting sites?

Yes, it's safe. You must be certain that your personal information and money will be secure whenever you use any type of online payment service. Modern banking solutions, like Neteller, use various security measures to protect your money. The 128-bit SSL encryption used by this service encrypts every bit of data that you send to them. Your information is safe behind the wall of encryption, even in the unlikely case of a data leak.