Sports betting in Louisiana began on Jan 28th, 2022 when the state allowed operators to offer legal online wagers. Bettors in Louisiana can now sign up and claim bonuses from sports betting sites in the region. Among the questions that new online gamblers in Louisiana have is how to make a deposit.

You may be curious about the available methods of payment for betting sites in Louisiana. There are several methods that you can use to either make a deposit or a withdrawal in Louisiana. Read on to learn more about Prepaid Card betting sites in Louisiana.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a card that you can use to make payments. To get the card, you purchase it with money loaded on it. Then you can use the card to spend up to the amount loaded on the card. A prepaid card is also known as a prepaid debit card or a stored value card. There are several stores online where you can purchase a prepaid card.

The cards, in most cases, have the Visa or the MasterCard logo. Their appearance is similar to that of a credit card. While a credit card allows you to borrow money, a prepaid card allows you to spend cash online by placing money on the card in advance. Most prepaid cards can be topped up with cash in-store or online. You can use a prepaid card to make payments on Louisiana betting sites.

Making a deposit on a Louisiana betting side with a prepaid card.

Most betting sites in Louisiana allow users to make payments using prepaid cards. These sites offer their own version of this popular method of payment. The customized versions come with additional benefits and rewards. However, sportsbooks in Louisiana accept prepaid Visa, prepaid MasterCard, and sportsbook-branded prepaid cards. There are perks to using the prepaid cards associated with Louisiana sportsbooks.

Some betting sites like DraftKings have higher deposit limits for prepaid cards than for debit and credit cards. To sign up for a sportsbook prepaid card, you simply apply through their official website. The company will then mail your physical card to you in a couple of days, and you can start loading money on it. The next step is to make deposits to your sportsbook.

Here are the relevant steps to follow when making a prepaid card deposit to betting sites in Louisiana.

1. Choose a Louisiana sportsbook that accepts prepaid cards

You can access the list of betting sites in Louisiana to confirm whether the sited accepts prepaid cards. Since this method is popular among betting sites, most sportsbooks accept it as a method of payment. Once you have identified the sportsbook that accepts prepaid cards, you can visit their official website.

2. Register for a free account

After you have picked a legal sportsbook, you will have to create an account. You can do this on your desktop or through the sportsbook app. There is usually a register or sign-up button at the top of the main page. Once you click on register, the site redirects you to a new page that requires you to fill in personal details.

Follow the simple steps and enter all required information, such as your full name, your social security number, and your age. You will also have to accept the terms and conditions of the betting site. After you accept the terms, you can then click on submit.

3. Make a deposit with a prepaid card

To make a deposit, click on the deposit icon on the sportsbook website or app and key in the amount you wish to deposit. For the voucher prepaid cards, you will have to enter the ten digits code of that card. The process resembles that of depositing with a credit or debit card, but it is far more secure.

4. Please enter the amount you wish to deposit

Some sportsbooks have a minimum deposit, and it is crucial to have this in mind when choosing your preferred betting site. Taking into account the minimum deposit limits, you can enter the amount you wish to spend and then click on submit.

5. You can begin betting after the payment has been confirmed

The process of making a deposit is instant, and you can start placing your bets as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Do Louisiana gambling sites allow withdrawals to prepaid cards?

No. You cannot withdraw from Louisiana online gambling sites using prepaid cards. This is because a prepaid card is not connected to any bank account. If you withdraw, there is no linked account where the money can be deposited. Though there are some prepaid card types that can be used for withdrawals, most of them cannot. You can confirm whether you can use yours to withdraw by checking if the card has a link to any bank account.

Virtual prepaid cards, for instance, always have a link to an online banking account, and as such, you can use them to make a withdrawal. There are also certain physical prepaid cards that have a link to online banking in one way or the other. Though there are a lot of options, most sports betting sites in Louisiana do not allow withdrawals via prepaid cards.

The best option is to use another method to withdraw your winnings from the sportsbook.

Different types of prepaid card sportsbooks in Louisiana

Most players may assume that there is only one form of prepaid card. However, this is not the case. There are several prepaid card types. They come in all shapes and sizes. While some have no fees or charges, there are very high fees. Some can be reloaded, and there are those that cannot. Here are the prepaid card types.

  • Reloadable Prepaid cards – These are prepaid cards that you can add funds to after you exhaust them. In other words, you can reload the card several times. If you are a regular bettor, then this is the best option for you. You do not have to get a new card every time you exhaust the money on the prepaid card. Instead, you can reload it and continue making payments with the same card. These prepaid cards can be reloaded by visiting the store you bought the card, or you can transfer funds directly to the card from either your bank, check or any other form. The method of reloading depends on the issuer of the prepaid card.
  • Voucher Prepaid cards – These are prepaid cards that come in the form of a slip of paper instead of a plastic card. The paper has all the information you need to make a payment. This type is quite common among betting sites in Louisiana. It is unique since the card does not hold any of the user’s personal information. There are also instances where you may be able to transfer funds from the old voucher card to the new one.
  • Virtual Prepaid cards – They are usually in the form of Visa or MasterCard. Also, they are not physical cards which makes them very safe since they cannot be lost or stolen. The cards are for making online payments. Virtual prepaid cards are, therefore, a very convenient method of making deposits at online betting sites. They usually have low fees and higher limits for a single transaction.
  • Gift cards – These are physical prepaid cards that are very similar to debit and credit cards. Prepaid gift cards can only be used to make payments on specific transactions. In most cases, they have set values, limits, and expiration dates. They cannot be reloaded and can also expire if you use up the entire balance. Since these cards are for specific purchases, it is important to ensure that your prepaid gift card can be used to deposit funds into a sportsbook account in Louisiana.

Advantages and disadvantages of Prepaid card at LA betting sites

Prepaid cards are very beneficial for sports bettors. They provide you with anonymity and can hardly be traced back to you. There are also very private and secure. The card has a fixed amount of money, ensuring you do not overspend. You can also obtain a prepaid card very quickly. There are also some downsides to using this method of payment. You cannot withdraw from betting sites in Louisiana, and some cards have very high fees.


  • Quick transactions
  • Easy to use
  • Safe payment methods


  • You cannot withdraw to your Prepaid card at LA sportsbooks
  • Fees may apply.


How long does a deposit take with a Prepaid card on LA betting sites?

Deposits are usually instant with no delays. Once you have the card, you can quickly deposit on LA betting sites. Delays only occur in obtaining the prepaid card. The process of making a deposit only requires you to make a few clicks and punch in the correct numbers.

Is it safe to use a Prepaid card on sportsbooks in Louisiana?

Yes. Prepaid cards are among the most secure forms of payment. They involve minimal risk as your data remains anonymous. You can safely use prepaid cards on sportsbooks in Louisiana. The method has been tested and verified.

Can I get bonuses when depositing with a Prepaid card at LA betting sites?

Yes. Some betting sites have branded prepaid cards that offer users exclusive rewards and promotions. Sportsbooks in Louisiana can have such bonuses on offer to encourage users to purchase their prepaid cards.